Do not tell me about devils

Do not tell me about devils
or yell at me about sin
Do not bother to explain to me
about doomsday and punishment
For you must understand
that it really can not scare me
Because I already know
that hell exists …

I was once an angel
The child, born without guilt
Then the bottomless pit opened  itself
And there was nothing I could do ..

Then you can tell me about angels
and how they fly around and sing
And how I once could join them again

And you can tell me about heaven
and how to get there
How I can rest a place without shame and guilt
Without any pain and tears
So that I can once again play among angels

But do not tell me about evil
I know too well what evil is
I do not have to die to go to hell
There’s hell enough to go around down here ..


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2 thoughts on “Do not tell me about devils

  1. Det var flott ❤

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