I’m wasted and I am waiting
I’m lost and in need
But my misery is the company that I keep
As a thirst that can never be extinguished
And if there is a God who looks down on this mad world
He’s probably long since stopped caring
And the evil stares down at me
terrorizing me
haunt my dreams
It’s a long time since I’ve been free
I can not remember
that I have ever lived
Carefree, safe and without pain
Can we neutralize things
causing pain and indifference
When the world is nevertheless suffering
At least my world
But all my years of experience they just went away
But I still carry that experience with me
An experience I could have done without
That made me shy, insecure and wary
Because I can never see it coming
I need someone who can hold the children in me
that let me rest my head, stroking my hair
and over the back
I’m an angel with broken wings
An angel who belong to the night
An angel who was sacrificed
and kept away from light
But all angels know how to fly
and even with broken wings
I still sing and yearn to the sky
So in a world full of sorrow where people pray, steal and borrow
Is it just some things you can not take from me
The hope for a better future
For I know I’m not weak, I know I’m tough
In my heart burns a fire
For even have to know the life
as it should be
I yearn for peace of mind
And one day I will get there
and the circle is closed
The circle is round
I will follow the star
No matter how close
no matter how far

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