An angel with a broken wing

She’s an angel with a broken wing
Her world is falling apart..
She sits alone with a teardrop on her cheek,
hunted by old memories.
She needs her time to cry..

‘Cause her spirit is broken down
And it’s a lonely kind of process,
dealing with the evil ghosts from her past
who is poisoning her nights

She hates herself , cannot live with the burden..
But she takes on her mask, show it to the rest of the world
so insincere…

And all her pain and sorrows
Are a burden on her chest
And even if he are long gone dead,
She will never get to rest.

She sinks to the bottom
in oceans of rain
The cure is so clean,
the blood is astray

So go slow,
for the angel will fall
suspended in a druglike state of bliss
As false as everything else in her life

She is an angel with an broken wing
An angel of the darkness
Kept away from the light
an angel from the night

An angel with tears in her face
facing her biggest fears
An perfect born angel
fallen from grace

And if there is a God somewhere, looking down on this crazy world
He has probably by now stopped really caring

So his once so perfect born angel
Are struggling on her own
And no matter how much she tries
She is always gonna lose those battles
But angels always knows how to fly
and even with a broken wing
She still sing
and keep an eye to the sky


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