Sometimes in the middle of the night
You are trampling through my dreams …
The nightmares ride me, scares me,
Makes me to want to scream

It will be me howling in the wind
Every time I come across old traces and memories after you
It will be me, that time after time
must feel the pain of what once was.

Tell me, why was my life like this?
Tell me, why did you hurt me so?
Why was I so completely without value for you?
Tell me, how long is it since I was free??

Have I ever been free??
You were my nightmare when you were alive
And the nightmares are just as major now
after your death, and into my adult life ..

I was just a little child
But you used me as your toy
And my whole life was destroyed,
I was torn apart and divided

Just a small child
Used as a pawn in a game
A game with adult rules
Where  the child does as the adult want’s

Yes, that would be me howling in the night
Every time you step through my memories again
It will be me who screams of pain
Every time your tracks are detected in me

That would be me
That never gets rid of the memories after you
That would be me
That is never going to be free


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4 thoughts on “…………………………

  1. Sterkt, veldig sterkt og trist ❤

    Du er utrolig flink til å skrive.

    *klemmer til alle deg*

  2. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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