Sometimes in the middle of the night you come after me in my dreams
Then I lay awake until the morning light, tired of remembering ..
The river of tears, the river of sorrows, I’ll give that river my soul too keep,
if I could only, finally sleep awhile …

That’ll be me howling in the wind, every time I go on old tracks again,
And if you see somebody running on the mountain side, all along the places that I used too hide, that’ll be me ..

I think I was born like a Gypsy under an old celestial sign
The fate of everything was set for me from the day I came into the world ..
And that’s why I was born with strength, conceived as a real fighter ..
I had to fight to survive, struggle to grow
I wish that it had not been necessary ….

And now you invade my dreams, and I will remain awake ..
How long are you going to hunt me??
Tell me how long has it been since I’ve been free??

That’ll be me howling in the night,
going through the memories that are hunting my mind ..
And if you hear somebody singing children’s songs that I used to sing all night long,
That will be me .. That will be me, trying to get a moment of peace.



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2 thoughts on “Sometime

  1. ❤ ❤ ❤ Så alt for vondt å huske… *klemmer*

  2. Mhm… Så altfor vondt…. ❤ ❤ ❤ *Klemmer tilbake*

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