Trauma Days

Trauma Days

I have weird days
Days filled with painful memories
and a divided mind
My head is not only mine
but I share it with many
And everyone is me.
I have many personalities
because of one person
My personal devil
My dreams invade me
They are not just dreams
but a different reality
I fall back into
I know the pain of everything he did to me
Just as vivid as if it is happening right now
It is so difficult to distinguish
Now from then
I can not always do that
And no one is here and pick me back from then to now
The demons ride me
And I feel like giving up ..
I have PTSD thanks to him …
I have a divided, dissociative mind thanks to him ..
And I’m the one who must live with it
He escapes ..
Never had to account for the damage he caused
The pain is just mine to carry
This is my trauma days


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4 thoughts on “Trauma Days

  1. Urolig sterk dikt!! Du er FLINK til å skrive.. Takk at du deler♡♡

  2. Har du noen gang vurdert anmeldelse? Bare lurer… (for meg er det for sent)

    Jeg har vært nødt til å flytte bloggen, adressen skal vel følge nicket mitt her tror jeg.

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