Just a little girl

She is hiding
The fear is in her eyes

She holds her breath and press her body as far into the corner as she can get.
She knows she can`t get away.
She is trapped.
Caught in his trap ..
She sees his shadow fall over her ..
She knows what he wants.
He dont want her any good.
She will not be part of his play
But she is a little girl, a pawn in a game,
And such small girls can not do other than what the grownups wants
She is only little
She is only seven.
She has nothing she could say ..
She can not prevent him from removing her clothes ..
She can not stop him from killing her soul ..
She feels the pain when he rapes her .. She is only seven
He is a grown man.
She can not take it ..
In order to survive
She escapes from herself
A new seven year-old has been created,
to take the pain she must be exempt from
In order to survive
she is multiple in one body
Now they are three.
Later they will be even more.
She doesn`t know that yet,
For still, she is only seven,
And struggling to survive.



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6 thoughts on “Just a little girl

  1. ❤ Det er så grusomt at folk kan få seg til å gjøre sånt mot små barn…Jeg finner ikke ord, rett og slett! ❤

  2. fikk gåsehud her jeg satt

  3. Godt skrevet. ❤

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